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Trenchcoat is a fanzine that chronicles the adventures of a fictitious eighth Doctor. Begun in 1991 by James Bow, this fan fiction magazine series has since yielded four issues. A fifth, dedicated to a ninth Doctor, was printed under the Ninth Aspect banner in 1996.

Each issue of Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect represented a pretend season of Doctor Who. Each story mimicked the style of the television show, including cliffhangers, adventure plots, and returning monsters and villains. Adding to the illusion of authenticity were production notes, plentiful illustrations and listings from the British television guide, "Radio Thymes".

In 2000, work began on the Trenchcoat Farewell Project, a publication commemorating the fanzine series, remastering all of the stories and adding new tales at the beginning and the end. Fifty-eight copies of this 864 page, hardbound volume were produced and distributed to fans, and the magazine is now completely sold out. However, you can still purchase the entire Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect canon on CD-ROM, by clicking here.

This website serves as an introduction and resource guide to the project: overviews of each issue and the stories, plus links to stories archived online.

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