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Chicago, Chicago, That Tottling Town

Council Bluffs was only half our honeymoon. After three days, we boarded Amtrak and travelled to Chicago, the city where we first met. There, we spent three days in the luxurious Blackstone Hotel, toured the museums, ate at the original Pizzeria Uno, rode the Loop, and laughed our heads off at Second City.

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We got up way too early to board the California Zephyr at Omaha. There, we had a Superliner Standard Bedroom and ate two meals in the dining car. The view along the way was terrific, our quarters cramped, but comfortable, and the food was good. This was a honeymoon treat for James moreso than Erin, but Erin did appreciate the romance of riding the rails. The trip ended at Chicago Union Station, which was where we met face-to-face for the first time.

The weather cooperated with us, until we got to Chicago, at which point it became damp and grey. Fortunately, you don't need sunny weather in order to visit museums, but it prevented us from taking many pictures. This was the best picture we could take of the Chicago skyline...

The highlight of the Chicago trip was our two visits to the Chicago Art Institute. There, we got to see all the famous paintings (James especially liked Nighthawks, and Erin liked the Chagal Windows), and the excellent Mary Cassatt exhibition. We also visited the Field Museum of Natural Science, and got to ride the El, which James really enjoyed.

On Saturday, October 31, we boarded a train that took us home to Kitchener. After the long trip, it was good to be back, despite how much of a good time we had. Thanks to the photographs, we'll remember this trip and the wedding before it for years to come.

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