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Honeymoon Pictures from Council Bluffs

No, not those honeymoon shots!

The best part of our honeymoon was spending three days in the TerraJane Bed and Breakfast outside of Council Bluffs, Iowa. This country escape was a perfect opportunity to spend the time doing very little, something we hadn't the luxury of in quite some time. We roasted marshmallows over bonfires, made friends with the farm cats, walked the nature trails, had excellent country breakfasts, and nipped into Omaha when we wanted to eat dinner out or visit a museum.

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Erin lies in some clover along a ploughed pathway through the tall grasses. Among other things, TerraJane boasted a two-mile long nature walk through some hilly prairie, where we got to see some great views, and just relax. At the halfway point on this trail, there was a lonely tree, and tied to one of its branches was a swing for hikers to use while they rested...

And here's the swing, with beautiful Iowa countryside behind it.

And here's the tree, looking tall, but lonely, in the tall grasses. The picturesque scenery certainly inspired James to try and take some picturesque shots. This one turned out better than most...

Erin lounges in a hammock. Despite being October, the weather was warm and sunny, perfect for being outdoors.

We are recovered from the wedding and off for more honeymoon in Chicago

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