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The Day After (Sunday Brunch with Family and Friends)

A new tradition we've seen observed more and more at weddings is the brunch held the day after the wedding, where the gifts are opened. This was such a good idea that we decided to do it ourselves: it seemed a great time to meet friends and family in an environment that was considerably lower stress than at the wedding and reception.

We weren't wrong. Thanks to our hosts, Donna and Dennis Heide, and all the guests who could make it, we had a great time...

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Some guests sit in the warm October sun, including Stan Noteboom, Erin's father, Wayne Tonjes and Teri. There were no speeches here, just friendly conversation.

One of the best gifts opened at this brunch was a quilt, hand made by Erin's paternal grandmother, Cora Pheiffer.

James aunt and uncle, Madeline and Gordon Smith, were among James' friends and family who could make it out to Omaha. James was very pleased to see them all, especially long-time friends of the family Paul and Ruth Gillespie. Sadly, aunt and uncle Marg and Leon Goldik were not able to attend, but were there in spirit.

Teri, Kathy Wesley, Cora Pheiffer and Stan Noteboom.

The Sunday brunch was a far better way to bid farewell to friends and family who had come all this way out to attend the ceremony. We are very glad that we were able to have it, and we'd like to thank, once again, those who helped to organize it....

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