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Finally, Time to Party!

After the short service, James and Erin returned to the Omaha Club, where they made their 'grand entrance' dancing to Louis Armstrong's A Kiss to Build A Dream On. After partaking of the Omaha Club's excellent hors d'ouvre buffet, and some fine toasts, it was time for the dancing. James and Erin had their first dance to the Beatles' When I'm Sixty-Four (an excellent fox-trot, trust us), and then we went through the traditional dances between the family members before things really got rocking.

The DJ was great. He really knew how to keep the party moving. James was rather startled to see his mother dance to a British Rave tune, which probably says more about James than it does about his mother...

Not all the pictures have been scanned in, yet, so if you don't know who caught the bouquet and the garter, you'll have to check back to find out...

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James and Erin on the dance floor. Those dancing lessons sure did come in handy. We both highly recommend taking lessons: it's fun, it's good exercise, and it's fast becoming the in thing to do...

In her toast to Erin, Maid of Honor Teri made good on her threat to display the Star Trek novel that she, Erin and Wendy had worked on early in High School. Erin had made Teri promise to burn it, but Teri said that the book (and the collaboration behind it) meant too much to her, and so she's keeping it. She didn't read any passages, however, something for which Erin was grateful...

Referring to the many trips, moves made and stresses faced during the course of our long distance relationship, Best Man Martin talked about us being movers and shakers, and wished us the best of luck in finally resolving matters with the Canadian Immigration Department... Christopher is drinking non-alcoholic champenade, by the way. A number of the guests don't drink alcohol as a matter of principle, so the champenade was bought for them.

ERIN (waving cake knife near James' nose): Now, James. We're going to cut the cake. And you are going to feed me a piece. And you are NOT going to shove a large piece into my mouth, right?
JAMES: Okay.
(The cake is cut, and Erin proceeds to feed James his piece, then dollops a fingerful of icing on the tip of his nose. She chuckles at the glare he gives her)
'Honest, officer, what else could I do?'

Well, James didn't respond to temptation, and only served to dollop a fingerful of icing on the tip of Erin's nose in return, an incident which was caught on camera by Erin's mother...

Four of Erin's friends and relatives spell Y.M.C.A., which was one of the songs played at the reception. As we said, the DJ knew how to keep things moving.

Erin leads a conga line.

The reception came to an end at 7:30, with James and Erin toasting each other, thanking the guests and thanking the hosts of the reception. After that, everybody retired to their homes or hotels, but for many the party didn't end. Old friends and family gathered together to talk about old times and enjoy each others company. It's nice how a wedding brings so many people together...

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