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Hurry Up and Wait (The morning before the wedding...)

Waking up on Saturday, the wedding party got dressed and headed out to their first major venue for the day: not the church, but the reception hall. It was here that the photographs would be taken. Yes, we know it is traditional for photographs to be taken after the wedding, but logistically speaking, it was easier for both us and the guests to get the pictures taken first.

So, much of the morning was spent, like harried movie stars, posing for flashbulb after flashbulb. It's a wonder we didn't end up blind. The professional photographer was very professional and handled the lighting extremely well. He also didn't object to the many other cameras that were going off at the same time -- pausing his own picture taking at times so that others could get their shots in.

We took pictures at the reception hall, at the Jesuit Gardens in Creighton University and at the church itself. Then we had to wait. And, yes, for some, the nerves did build...

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'I never thought I'd wear a dress like this', suggests Erin's expression in this picture. Her expression sums up the day: frantic and bewildering, but quite enjoyable. This shot is in the change room of the Omaha Club, the hall where the reception is booked. We were able to book this hall and their catering thanks to Erin's aunt and uncle Donna and Dennis, who were members. The Omaha Club were very good about the pictures before the wedding, and handled the reception extremely well. They were very good to deal with throughout the course of the preparations, and we'd like to thank them for their key role in our successful party.

One of the ceremonies preceeding the wedding was the pinning of the boutiniers. Here, Erin's Aunt Janie pins a boutinier onto Best Man Martin. Not too many people pricked themselves with the straight pins.

Here's a non-professional shot of James' morning suit. Not your typical tuxedo, this suit suggestion by James did raise some eyebrows. Some attempts to modify the style were vetoed by Erin, though, who despite originally thinking that only English Lords wore morning suits, thought that James looked quite dapper in it. (James liked the suit, but still thinks he looks rather fat in the photograph). Martin suggested the suit be taken further, and that canes and top hats be employed, but James didn't agree...

Finished with the Omaha Club, for now, the wedding party moved to the Creighton University grounds, where they found the Jesuit Gardens. Under unseasonably sunny weather, the plants proved to be a great backdrop for photos such as these...

Erin made her headpiece and veil herself--she's quite proud of it and recommends the do-it-yourself route to all brides-to-be. She wore it well, but unfortunately it was prone to slipping whenever she tilted her head back for such things as kisses, as this picture shows...

Here's a shot of the full bridal party. From left to right we have: Marguerite Tonjes (friend of the bride since college), Wendy Noteboom (sister of the bride), Therese Nevinski (friend of the bride since high school), Erin (the bride), James (the groom), Martin Proctor (friend of the groom from fandom), Christopher Merrigan (godson-in-law of the groom), Dan Kukwa (friend of the groom from Kitchener) and Dusko Ivkovic (friend of the groom from Kindergarten).

Finally, we moved to the church, where more pictures were taken, and then all that was left was to wait for the ceremony...

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