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Getting Frantic (One day before the wedding...)

We were rushing to finish the decorations on Thursday because we knew that we'd probably not accomplish much on Friday. The day before the wedding required no less than two trips to the airport (to pick up James' parents and his groomsmen), lunches with both, a dry-run of Erin's make-up, the wedding rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner, held in Erin's father's Lincoln home.

Late Thursday evening, the Catholic Church added a wrinkle to this process: they needed an extra paper signed before they would allow the marriage. Erin is Catholic, and James is Anglican. Despite all the jokes of Anglicans being 'more Catholic than the Catholics', this was enough of a mixed marriage that the Omaha Diocese required a mixed marriage dispensation. Ontario's Catholic Churches, being somewhat less stringent in their marriage guidelines, had neglected to send it over. Fortunately, representatives from both the Ontario and Nebraska branches of the church worked quickly to correct the oversight, and the wedding was on. We really appreciate the efforts of those who worked very hard to get the necessary paperwork signed, but with this in the mix, we were both close to flipping out. And we had to ask the question: would our in-laws get along?

Well, they did. The rehearsal dinner must go down as an unqualified success.

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James' parents arrived first, and Erin, James, Erin's mother Rosemarie and step-father Michael were there to greet them. Rosemarie took this shot at the gate. From there, we all went to the Old Market for a lunch in one of the fine restaurants in this rapidly reviving old neighbourhood. The weather was great, and really showed off the town. Unfortunately, Erin and James couldn't have more than a cup of coffee before they had to dash back to pick up James' groomsmen, Martin Proctor, Dan Kukwa and Dusko Ivkovic. An hour later, the whole bridal party was eating at the Spaghetti Factory...

One of the interesting things about weddings is seeing how the two united circles of friends and family meet and interact. The rehearsal dinner was a great event, thanks to the efforts of Erin's father, Wendell and step-mother, Judy. With good food and great atmosphere, everyone mingled and got to know each other. Many hit it off, particularly James' uncle Dieter and Erin's grandfather Howard. Dan Kukwa (pictured here in front) and Christopher Merrigan (behind Dan -- he was the ringbearer and is Erin's godson) hit it off even better, and were inseperable throughout the weekend. With all the preparation, it is sometimes easy to forget that a wedding is supposed to be a party, and is supposed to be fun. Fortunately, we didn't forget about that, thanks to a lot of help from our family and friends.

Another benefit of the long Friday was that it left James and Erin too tired to be sleepless on their 'last night' of single-life. James retired to the hotel room with his groomsmen and watched The Peacemaker, while Erin soaked in Shannon and Michele's hottub and caught an episode of Blake's 7 on PBS. Both got up fairly early the day of the wedding for breakfast and to get dressed. Erin, pictured here, had to head over to a department store with her bridesmaids in tow to get their make-up done.

With Friday over, there was nothing left to wait for, now, but the ceremony. Oh, and the photographs...

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