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Getting Ready (A week before the wedding, and earlier...)

Erin and I had been engaged for two years. From March until October 1998, we were living apart from each other, and 1000 miles away from the city we were going to be married in. As a result, wedding preparations proved difficult. With hard work, and with a lot of help from Erin's family and friends, we were sort of ready when the week of the wedding finally rolled around...

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Wedding Dress

This is the dress Erin got married in. No beads, no sequins, no bows, notice--not easy requirements to meet in a wedding dress. Nevertheless, the dress was the first thing settled. The tuxes were another matter, requiring a number of meetings with the groomsmen and at least one change in the order. Finally, after meeting with the groomsmen one more time, James departed for Omaha, where Erin was already waiting. She had been in the city for a few days and was already extremely busy with preparations. She and James were both glad to see each other, however.

Meeting at the Airport

On Monday, October 19, James got off his Southwest Airlines flight and met Erin again at the Omaha airport. Erin had the wedding rings with her, and had planned a little surprise for James...


James proposed to Erin on Sunday, March 17, 1996. Ever the egalitarian, Erin got down on one knee and returned the favour on Monday, October 19, 1998. The answer was hardly in doubt...


Among the many tasks that James was able to help with in Omaha was the decorating of the church. Silk flowers proved to be a lot more affordable than real flowers for the service, and they looked just as good... not to mention, they saved James from taking his allergy medication. Thanks to Dad and Judy for letting take over their garage, and to Shannon and Michele, for letting us take over their basement--silk flowers are a lot of work!

County Clerk's Office

Not to be forgotten was the trip to the Douglas County Clerk, to obtain our marriage license. James is holding up a copy of the signed forms and is just through saying, 'there's no turning back, now!'

And there wasn't. Not that there were any thoughts in that direction. However, if we thought that the lead-up to the wedding was busy, the Friday before the wedding would make us rethink that. On that day, the guests started arriving, we started rehearsing, and we were so busy, we didn't have time to be nervous, even though we managed to fit some of that in, as well...


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