Meet Gus! Our Cat.

Gus came to us at the beginning of April, when Erin adopted it from the Humane Society while James was away on a business trip to Chicago. She managed to keep it a secret, even when Gus' meowing was heard on the phone during one of James' calls home (she convinced him that it must be interference on the line). When James returned home, out pranced Gus, with a green bow on his head.

Gus was originally named Samual, but when James first saw the cat, Erin picked it up and tried to say 'Don't be such a goose,' for Gus had sprung the surprise early. She tried to say 'goose', but it came out 'Gus', and James latched onto that name, and it has stuck ever since. Quite often, it is spelt 'Gus!', with the exclamation mark included.

It is an appropriate name. Just as James' parents' cat lives up to the mischievious nature associated with the name 'Pooka', Gus is (usually) more laid back. Although prone to bouts of dashing about (sometimes in the middle of the night), he is usually lazy during the day. He did surprise us all by becoming the dominant cat of James' parents house when James and Erin's trip to Omaha forced them to room Gus with Pooka.

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Gus sleeps

Here's how you'll find Gus during a fair portion of the day. This is how he saves up his energy for his night dashes...

Gus is cuddled!

Gus really likes to be cuddled... most of the time. Other times he'll just ignore you. But isn't that always with cats? They're never around when you want to cuddle, but if you're sitting at your computer, typing, along comes Gus and 128,lpmnjgygdes3a`~

Gus meows

Gus has an impressive meow for his size. This picture makes him look like he's hissing angrily, but he's not. He's meowing. He has a plaintive little cry that can be heard through doors and walls. And he's not ashamed to use it to get what he wants.

Gus also likes to knock things down, the heavier the better. We no longer have plants on our window sills. Nor much of anything breakable on top of any counterspace anywhere in the apartment.

Gus chases

Among Gus' favourite things is to chase after his toy mice, balls, or even pens that we happen to toss on the floor. He can get up to very high speeds in his chase after them, but on our hardwood floors, he still hasn't mastered the art of stopping...

Gus cuddled.

And that's Gus in a nutshell. We have, of course, lost our hearts to him (except for the times when he wakes us in the middle of the night), and he gives us a lot of joy. Gus has been a wonderful addition to our household, and we hope he is enjoying his stay here as much as we are.

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